Learning Photography

When learning photography do not make the mistakes that most people typically make. What mistakes do most people typically make? Most people make the mistake of overly focusing on the camera that they are going to get. Don't get us wrong, camera gear is really cool and is fun to put together a kit but it is not the only thing that will make you a great photographer. Sure, not having the right camera can handicap you but great photography has been made on all types of cameras and instantly a quality camera will not make you a great photographer.

If it is not all about the camera, then what should you focus on? More than anything you should focus on the art of photography. The art of photography has to deal with learning how to properly compose shots to make them interesting, to make them tell the story, to take something ordinary and turn it into art. It has to deal with learning how to properly use a camera, learning how to manually expose your camera, learning how Aperture, shutter and the other features of your camera control what you get out of it. Learning how those things can affect depth of field which can really help you make interesting pictures.

When it does come to cameras, realize the professional cameras typically cost a lot of money. The cost a lot of money for reason. The quality of the image you get on a digital camera is most responsible by the size of the sensor that is on the camera. Professional cameras typically have what is called a full frame sensor and full frame allows the most light in detail to hit the sensor so it can create richer images. Right under full frame is what is known as APS-C sensors and you will find us on many of the popular mirrorless cameras that some professionals are using instead of the heavy full frame cameras because that sensor size also takes wonderful images. Underneath that you have what is known as micro 4/3 which is also a pretty good sensor size that you can create quality images and not have your camera get in the way of your art. Underneath micro 4/3 you get to do more smaller, amateur, compact sensor body cameras that you can use to make good photography but that has limitations as far as it comes to manual controls, depth of field and details.

So what should you take away from an article like this one? Well, the first thing that you should take away from an article like this one is that a lot of photography comes down to you, how you learn how to see the world, how you learn how to compose shots in a unique way, how you learn how to use your camera to control depth of field to give your images more character, how much work you put into having fun and just shooting your camera as much as possible.

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